Use Viamo to:

Make better decisions based on hearing directly from your customers, the people you serve, the general population or a specific demographic group.

Work in any language, use any question type, and communicate through any combination of channels: Interactive Voice Response (IVR), SMS, web app, Facebook messenger, etc.

Benefit from our advanced mobile survey features: complex conditional logic, randomized branching and answer options, retry patterns, drop-and-reconnect feature, voicemail detection, incentives, etc.

Design, manage and evaluate development projects, as well as conduct: market studies, academic research, policy design, social indices, opinion research, etc.

The process is simple:

  1. We understand your goals and we work on a survey instrument together.
  2. Our project managers make recommendations to optimize the survey instrument, maximize engagement and reduce bias.
  3. We translated and record the instrument in the relevant local languages.
  4. We field test the instrument and modify as needed.
  5. Answers are collected and analysed. Insights are generated and visualised.
Mobile Surveys UI Screenshot

Our drag-and-drop user interface makes it intuitive to design and structure complex mobile surveys

Call any phone from anywhere

Our system can already call nearly every mobile phone on the planet. With our direct connection to mobile network operators, we have the lowest airtime costs and the highest call reliability.

Mobile survey science

Learn from our experience in conducting more than 200 different mobile surveys, some with more than 35 questions. We help our partners generate the insights they need while reducing their costs, biases, responder fatigue, and drop-off rates.

Our methodology has been endorsed by the World Bank and the Center for Global Development.

Hear from the right people

Send your mobile surveys to the people you serve through your projects, to a representative sample of the national population, or to a specific demographic group. Through our partnerships with mobile network operators, we have access to lists of phone numbers disaggregated by gender, age, location, and income.

Young Muslim Woman Chats on Cellphone
Send mobile surveys to a specific demographic group
Photo: Adam Jones (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Indian Couple
Survey people in relevant local languages
Mobile Surveys
Use proven incentives to encourage survey completion

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