Reducing the Mental Health Treatment Gap in Remote Communities

Mental healthcare is particularly hard to access for people in low- and middle-income countries. Remote training via simple mobile phones enabled mental health expertise to be rolled out on a large scale in a relatively short time using widely available technology. A new peer reviewed study shows how more than a partnership between Viamo, Johnson & Johnson and the Rwandan Ministry of Health reached 60,000 remote healthcare workers.

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Growing a User-Centered Culture at Viamo

Creating a user-centric culture within an organization can be challenging. Every week, Viamo’s design team observes and obtains valuable insights from team members to facilitate thoughtful conversations around how to build the best solutions for our end-users.

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Global Digital Futures: Mobile for Development in Tanzania

Technology for Development practitioners face scrutiny when it comes to how locally relevant and rooted their technologies are. Viamo’s Hannah Metcalfe shares how new technologies are really solving problems and reaching the right people in Tanzania.

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